New single 'Start All Over' + Iceland Airwaves off-venue dates

Hey everyone,

Exciting times. Last week I released my new single 'Start All Over', now available across most digital platforms. It's already picked up a few nice reviews.

"sweeps with dreamlike balladry" - Magnet Magazine

"softly space and gracefully urgent pice of modern indie folk" - Fame Magazine

"it may be his best work yet - WORDKRAPHT

Have a listen for yourself...

In other news, the famous Iceland Airwaves music festival is fast approaching, and luck would have it I have a series of off-venue concerts right around the release date of my EP. So if you happen to be in Reykjavík during this week, be sure to come down to a show and pick up a limited edition physical copy of the new EP, out November 4 through Labelship records.

Enjoy the single and how to see you there!

Monday 31st Oct - Dillon - 18:15
Tuesday 1st Nov - LUCKY RECORDS - 15:00
Wednesday 2nd Nov - IÐA Zimsenn - 14:00
Wednesday 2rd Nov - Aurora Reykjavik - 16:00
Thursday 3rd Nov - Quest - Hair, Beer & Whisky Saloon - 17:00
Friday 4th Nov - Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur / Reykjavik Museum of Photography - 15:00
Friday 4th Nov - CenterHotel Thingholt (Isafold Bistro) - 17:30
Saturday 5th Nov - Vikin Maritime Museum - 15:00
Sunday 6th Nov - Loft- 17:30