New single 'Start All Over' + Iceland Airwaves off-venue dates

Hey everyone,

Exciting times. Last week I released my new single 'Start All Over', now available across most digital platforms. It's already picked up a few nice reviews.

"sweeps with dreamlike balladry" - Magnet Magazine

"softly space and gracefully urgent pice of modern indie folk" - Fame Magazine

"it may be his best work yet - WORDKRAPHT

Have a listen for yourself...

In other news, the famous Iceland Airwaves music festival is fast approaching, and luck would have it I have a series of off-venue concerts right around the release date of my EP. So if you happen to be in Reykjavík during this week, be sure to come down to a show and pick up a limited edition physical copy of the new EP, out November 4 through Labelship records.

Enjoy the single and how to see you there!

Monday 31st Oct - Dillon - 18:15
Tuesday 1st Nov - LUCKY RECORDS - 15:00
Wednesday 2nd Nov - IÐA Zimsenn - 14:00
Wednesday 2rd Nov - Aurora Reykjavik - 16:00
Thursday 3rd Nov - Quest - Hair, Beer & Whisky Saloon - 17:00
Friday 4th Nov - Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur / Reykjavik Museum of Photography - 15:00
Friday 4th Nov - CenterHotel Thingholt (Isafold Bistro) - 17:30
Saturday 5th Nov - Vikin Maritime Museum - 15:00
Sunday 6th Nov - Loft- 17:30

New single 'Meteorite' out on 9th August through Labelship

Very excited to announce my brand new single 'Meteorite' is coming out on 9th August through Labelship, and is now available for pre-order through iTunes!

You can preview and pre-order the single by clicking this link


New site and Q&A with Scandinavia on my Mind

Hey everyone,

Hope you enjoy the new website. It's going to be an exciting year of new music releases and it's due time I gave my official page a facelift.

Recently I did a Q&A interview with the blog Scandinavia on my mind. Follow the link below to read about what drew me to Iceland, what my recording process is like and what lies on the horizon.

Folk on, Pete